Youth and School Groups


Teachers and Community agencies will want to include this exploration and discovery workshop into their programs. Through theatre games, improvisation and story-telling, we will take some first steps into the world of clown. This is a process of imaginative expression as opposed to learning tricks, gags and routines. Your clown is not the costume, but what is revealed from the inside out – the authentic YOU!

Our workshop goes beyond the usual ‘masks’ that society tells us we should wear in order to fit in. From behind the smallest mask of all, the clown nose, the techniques and exercises will enhance the natural capacity of youth to develop a sense of humour that is un-inhibited and un-censored; vital in stress management, confidence, self-worth, defining their role in community and team building.


Join us for this creative journey of lightness and letting go through character development and story-telling, using the smallest mask of all.. the clown nose!


Fees are based on the number of people in your group and the length of the workshops - all workshops can be designed to meet your needs.

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