Clowns 4 Cuba

Clowns 4 Cuba Updates

Fall 2016

In September of 2016, TCI attended The First National Congress of Therapeutic Clowns: Art and Health. For THOSE in the NOSE... Here is the report.

Winter 2015

In February, Joan Barrington, Director of Therapeutic Clowns International (TCI), returned to Cuba with her professional clown persona, Bunky, to meet with the Cuban therapeutic clowns whom she trained in 2012 and 2013, and who have gone on to train others. She was accompanied by Adrienne Hunter, TCI Clowns 4 Cuba Project Coordinator, and Bonnie Eccles another member of the TCI Executive...See full report

Spring 2014

The 'La Colmenita Project' travels to Santa Clara to demonstrate therapeutic clowning to the expressive arts project, Por Una Sonrisa, centred at the Las Villas provincial pediatric hospital

The 'Wm. Soler Project' makes a presentation of therapeutic clowning at the 'International Longevity Conference' held at the Havana Convention Centre. They also participate in the Festival de Narices Rojas (the Red Nose Festival) in Matanzas

The 'La Colmenita Project' is featured at the Clown Festival in Las Tunas as therapeutic clowns.

Fall 2013

AA third workshop is held at the Wm. Soler hospital The instructors are Cuban: one from the 'La Colmenita Project' 2012 workshop and the other from the 'Wm. Soler Project' 2013. Many of the 16 participants are incorporated into the two groups.

Summer 2013

The 'La Colmenita Project' began in the children's ward of the Cancer Hospital and 'Wm. Soler Project' establishes a Clown Centre and two trainees clown twice a week.

Spring 2013

A TCI-MINSAP 2-week workshop is held at the Wm. Soler Hospital. The 12 participants include psychologists, physical rehabilitators, professional clowns and La Colmenita trainees.

Spring 2012

At the invitation of Cremata, Joan and Adrienne and their Mexican colleague, Lucy Ibarra, offer a 1-week workshop in the fundamental aspects of therapeutic clowning to 12 adult members of La Colmenita. Joan submits a proposal to the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) for training of therapeutic clowns.

Fall 2010

Joan returns to Havana and demonstrates to La Colmenita and staff of the Wm. Soler Pediatric Hospital exactly what a therapeutic clown does.

Winter 2009

Joan comes to Cuba and meets Carlos Alberto Cremata, director of 'La Colmenita', Cuba's National Children's Theatre Group. Cremata is enthusiastic about Joan's work.

Summer 2008

Serendipity! Joan Barrington and Adrienne Hunter meet at a party in Guelph, Ontario.